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Co-Owner / Head Trainer

Michael Clegg

With an Honours Specialization Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, Michael is no stranger to the intricacies of the human body. His life's mission, to become an encyclopedia on every aspect of fitness, nutrition and therapy. Successfully opening his first training facility at the age of 20 while simultaneously being a full time student and Oakville Basketball Clubs Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, he leads by example when demanding hard work during his sessions. Since opening Connect Michael has written, directed and produced his original take on health & wellness called 'The Body Manual' which is available for free on our website.

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Coordinator

Sabrina Sa

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina brings a latin flair to everything she touches. As an award winning competitive dancer with over a decade of experience in Zumba instruction, she brings a high energy to her classes. Now you can even book Sabrina for private personal training and dance instruction, what are you waiting for?

Personal Trainer

Trevon McNeil

As a form McMaster Marauder Point Guard, Trevon understands what it takes for athletes to make it to the next level, keeping his session fun while focusing on the necessary aspects of athletic development. Your free trial session for personal or sport specific training is only a message away, what are you waiting for?

Yoga Teacher

Natalie Fisher

As a the creator of the wellness brand Kozy Culture, Natalie Fisher is passionate about encouraging a balanced lifestyle. She studied Yoga and obtained her certification in Costa Rica. As a former competitive dancer and fitness instructor she promotes balance by combining mindfulness with movement and meditation.

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

Binu Dhindsa

Binu is a Personal Trainer and a Holistic Life Coach. Over the years she has learned how food and exercise together with mindfulness and emotional wellness is the secret behind lasting physical health.

Her last few years have focused on nutrition, digestion, hormone balance, and exercises designed for women over 40, as well as the impact of stress on our bodies.

Binu teaches others how our physical body is truly connected to many other areas of health in our lives, such as our mental health, our emotional health, our relationships and our work life.

She truly enjoys the mind-body training that happens in the gym. Binu brings in mindfulness to everything session – showing others how true awareness in all aspects of life can improve our current health state, one day at a time.

Yoga Teacher

Kina Mlinaric

Kina is a yoga teacher with a passion for wellness and combining physical and mental health. Connecting the mind, body, and breath are Kina’s ways to find wellness through the practice of yoga.

Personal Trainer / Fascial Stretch Therapist

Mitch Rose

As a former hockey athlete Mitch fell in love with working out at a young age. What separates him from your average trainer is the level of care and attention he puts into his clients. As a Darby Training Systems certified Facial Stretch Therapist, Mitch provides an outlook on exercises that puts health and well being at the for front.

Zumba Instructor

Lexy Thomas

Lexy has been dancing her whole life but only recently took her first steps into the fitness industry. Several years in community theatre made her realize that she loved dancing with others more than by herself. The inspiration and motivation in a fitness class are a wonderful experience for her every time. What excites her is being able to grow and learn more about improving her quality of life doing what she loves.