Take a Look at Our Clients Success Stories

Joe Bickerton

A year ago pain was a normal part of life. I had trouble with my neck and shoulders for years, and had recently injured my back. Within a couple of months Mike had released my neck and Shoulders, which now have full function and 0 pain. He has also done a great amount of work to help my back which is now almost fully healed. I stopped seeing my chiropractor because 15 minutes of therapy with mike before a session has brought me far more than the chiro ever did. With the new found mobility and pain free range of motion I was able to progress much faster. After 1 year at CONNECT I’ve accomplished things I never thought would be possible. Learning how to do handstands, muscle ups, and fight in both kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu styles, mike taught me that with discipline, consistency and the right guidance anyone can achieve things they didn’t think was possible. Looking forward to creating new goals and working towards them in 2018. Thank You Mike & Connect!

Shirley Tom

During our first session Michael sat us down and told us honestly that we were not going to be able to workout with him right away, that first we would need to go through some therapy to fix the problems we were both having. My husband Frank had a frozen shoulder in his left arm, just recently had his right hip replaced and was on track for a replacement in the left, he had spinal kyphosis in his neck and cut off nerve supply to both feet, he even experienced severe vertigo on a regular basis. I myself had never worked out before and was frequently experiencing attacks of light headedness that made me feel like passing out. Since June we have been working with Michael for 30 minutes each a week, and in that small amount of time he was able to fix both of franks hips and his shoulder, returning the alignment of his neck and nerve supply to his feet, and even got rid of his vertigo, taking myself from struggling to take few deep breaths to working out comfortably for a full hour. Frank and I have now doubled our sessions and want to tell people out there that we had all but given up on fixing these problems before Michaels help.

Olivia Taff

"Before meeting Michael I saw multiple doctors, had MRIs done, x-rays, “physio-therapy”, etc. No one understood why I couldn’t feel my right leg and why I had such pain in my lower back.
Immediately after my first session with Michael I felt my leg. What Michael managed to do in a 1 HOUR session ended up surpassing what the physio-therapists and doctors tried to do for 2 YEARS.
As my leg got better we started training, first with boxing and eventually adding in kicks. I absolutely love it.
I feel stronger and as a bonus I don’t get winded walking up one flight of stairs."

Dillon Grondin

Linebacker - Saskatchewan Roughriders

As a line backer for the Saskatchewan roughriders, I’ve had a lot of trainers throughout my career. I can say with confidence that the connect staff have what it takes to provide you with the top level of athletic development.

Victoria Santaguida

Professional Ballerina for the Joffrey Concert Group

"As a professional ballet dancer, I am always looking for different ways to strengthen my body and round out my training. Through the implementation of a cross training vertical jump program, the connect staff helped me to refine my overall strength. Thanks to their efforts, my dancing has improved on and off the stage."

Coach Tony McNeil

CEO of Oakville Basketball Club

"Michael has been an essential part of OAKVILLE Basketball Clubs REP strength and conditioning program. Our rep program has seen improvement in the athletic abilities of our rep players since working with Michael. Several teams meddling in provincial championships this year. The progress that I saw in our players even inspired me to start training with Michael myself. At the time I was suffering with tendinosis in my elbow. I also had shoulder/neck & lower back pain. Within only a couple of months of seeing Michael my body started feeling a lot better and my elbow is almost completely healed. No more pain meant back to doing the things I enjoyed. Now we’ve progressed into full workouts and I’m feeling stronger. Thanks Coach Mike."

Leo Michael Dinolfo

"When i first started at connect athletics i was a student athlete that relied on skill to preform. I had talent and was always ‘good’ but was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle, the body in which to execute. Since the beginning of my training i have lost 40 pounds, while gaining muscle and increasing my cardio and my agility. Now I am a proud senior athlete for St. Mikes Rugby team. Connect Athletics is no joke! These guys not only whipped me into shape in the gym but out of it as well. Helping me push myself to my limits day in and day out. They are not only the main reason for my success today, but without a doubt will continue to be the reason for my success in the future."

Nolan Mackenzie

Basketball player for Brock University

"After missing most of my 2015/2016 season with two slight tears and a bad sprain in my right ankle, Connect athletics and rehabilitation were able to design and coach me through a program that allowed me to gain strength, power and speed back in my ankle. They also built up muscular strength and endurance through out my whole body with lots of functional movements, helping me on the court for my 4th year with the Brock Badgers ."

Kate + Isabelle

Before training with Micheal Clegg I have always had difficulty with workout techniques and was never motivated to go to the gym. I was not as fit and struggled with my weight for a couple of years. I knew I wanted to achieve the goal of having a figure of a toned body and because of Micheal I am much closer of achieving that goal with the help of his techniques, guidance and dedication he has to training me and my friend Isabelle. I finally see progress with my body as I have more muscle definition since May of last year. I now maintain a well nutritious diet and drink plenty of water. The two times a week I train with Micheal I only see improvements with my body as I get closer to my ultimate goal. Thanks Micheal for the early morning sessions and the hard work you put into Connect!

Way before I got serious into working out and reached out to Michael Clegg, I was unfit, skinny, I was eating bad food and I had no motivation to workout. Working out on my own was tough, I would never see the process, barley enough muscles showing and I would just go back to the same routine, now it's been 7 month since we started and I can say I'm in great shape, I gained more muscles than I imagined and I've been eating the right foods. I know more about muscle gaining, nutrients, the benefits of eating healthy and what foods I should be processing. I have never felt more healthy in my life. I feel amazing.

Abbas Al-Mashita

"In the past year and a half, I've been to countless doctors and specialists in attempt to fix my upper back. After numerous x-rays and assessments, the cause and solution weren't identified. The pain was significant enough that I couldn't work out or engage in excessive physical activity during this period of time. Within the first 15 minutes at Connect Athletics, the cause of the pain was identified and was getting treated. By the end of the session, my back was feeling much better and my range of motion had increased significantly. I was given an exercise to do at home which in effect relieved my pain, allowing me to go the gym again. Thank you Michael!"