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Focus in on the parts that matter

What to be the best?

This is how you get there

When you look at the top athletes of any sport, what factor remains consistent between all of them? CROSS TRAINING! Whether it’s LeBron James, Sidney Crosby or Rafael Nadal, each spends countless hours training their bodies in order to perfect their performance.

No different than a hockey stick, the human body is an instrument that we can engineer to be more efficient. The last thing an athlete wants during a performance is the tool they rely on to malfunction. Purchasing the best shoes, the lightest padding and the newest helmet gives an athlete the best tools to work with; except the one that counts the most, their body.

By breaking down the movements that exist in a sport and translating them into a training setting, the optimal stress can be placed on an athlete. Putting the time into building strength, conditioning and overall physical presence off the field, allows focus to be placed on what really matters... competing at the highest level.